The Real Reason Why You Feel Stuck.

There’s an old saying I quote from time to time, I don’t know if it’s true or not, but the example is illustrative. A long time ago people would travel to see trained fleas perform circus acts in a miniature circus contained in a small box. Folks would be amazed at how the trainer could keep the fleas from simply jumping out of the box as there was no cover and fleas have amazing abilities to leap.

Over some drinks, the trainer finally explained his secret. He would cover the box with cheesecloth for a period of time. After a week or so the fleas, who had been aggressively trying to jump out of the box through the cloth began to believe that they just weren’t strong enough to make that leap. and began jumping just high enough to touch the cloth, but no higher. This way even after the cloth was removed they would not jump high enough to escape the box.

Quite often we humans behave in the same fashion. Even when there is nothing blocking our way, we limit ourselves to our own status quo. Once you remove your own mental barriers, you can experience the breakthrough you are looking for. Marcus Garvey once said, “The whole world is run on bluff”. What he meant by that statement is that no one is born with an inalienable right to rule over you. They simply know how to bluff you into thinking they are superior to you in some way. As long as you buy into that, you will always be inferior. Realize your own worth and stop bumping your head on your own “cheesecloth”. You’re better than that.

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