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Agile - The Science Of Collaboration

The old way of doing business was very competitive. Managers would pit teams against each other with the assumption that the cream would rise to the top. The problem with that philosophy is that it is not very sustainable. While this approach may reward your business with some additional short term profits, the long term cost is staggering. With increased turnover and overall lowered moral, any advances you may have made will probably be lost when you look at the overall state of your business.

The new way of business is called Agile. This process solves two problems simultaneously, it allows your business to become more nimble and adjust to quickly changing business conditions. Simultaneously this methodology creates a vibrant team spirit of collaboration internally with the key value being we win or lose as a team.

According to the principles of agile development, motivated and empowered team members create business value by delivering work product to users at regular short intervals. These principles have spawned a number of practices that are believed to deliver greater value to customers. At the core of these practices is the idea of self-organizing teams whose members are not only collocated but also work at a pace that sustains their creativity and productivity. The principles encourage practices that accommodate change in requirements at any stage of the development process. Furthermore, customers (or their surrogates) are actively involved in the development process, facilitating feedback and reflection that can lead to better outcomes.

How we transform your company

Analyze - The first step is analysis. Our consultants will interview team members and managers to get a sense of specific problems and gaps within your organization.

Review - We will review and present our findings to management. Depending on the size of your company and the length of our engagement, we will create a very detailed report of solutions and recommendations that will help your teams work more effectively and collaboratively.

Training - While the core principles of Agile Methodology are relatively simple and easy to understand, the actual implementation of these processes require a significant shift in mindset to work properly.

Follow-Up - We understand that change at any level is difficult. We will be available for follow up visits and check-ups to make sure that your teams remain on track and are following best practices.