So, you hate your job. Or worse, you’ve lost your job.

No worries.  Unemployment is at an all time low. All you have to do is send out some resumes and post your availability on the hundreds of job sites out there and soon your dream job will be yours…

But it’s actually harder than you thought it’d be.

You just want to work somewhere that appreciates your unique genius…

And allows you to make a decent income (where you are not living paycheck to paycheck…

But it seems so ridiculously hard …

Sending resumes into the job search black hole …

Attending networking events that waste time and lead nowhere…

Going on interview after interview…

You don’t want to become that person…you know the person who is so desperate for change or for any type of work that you take something way beneath your level of expertise….

And you don’t want to live the “laptop lifestyle”.  You desire a fulfilling place to work that values you and what you bring to the table…

Your focus is in a million different places and not where it should be to successfully find the job of your dreams.

You’re overwhelmed, frustrated and dead tired!

But you do your best to stay afloat…

You hit Monster and read post after post..click “I’m Interested” in position after position only to get more frustrated by the lack of response. Why do these companies even post these jobs if they aren’t going to call anybody?


You feel like you’re not making any progress at all when everyone else seems to be boasting about their six figure job that they love. 

Bottomline: You think something’s wrong with you…you think you’re doing all the wrong things…you think there’s a secret you haven’t unlocked ….You wish you just knew what to do next.

Nodding your head yes?

Well, let’s change that. 

Let me help you figure out a strategy with a free 1 hour call

Hey, I'm Ray

And I know what it feels like to work in a job where I felt undervalued and uncertain of my position within the company. I've felt the sting of job cuts and the sense of worthlessness connected to the constant sense of rejection experienced during my job search.

That wasn’t too long ago and the memory’s still fresh in my mind.

What I did was change my strategy for finding jobs.  Instead of following the herd and applying for jobs online, I built a powerful network of people who could help me.  Now, I no longer have to send resumes into a black hole.  I can simply pick up the phone and hear "when can you start".  

Everything started to make sense when I read an article on linkedin that said over 85% of jobs are filled through your network. Eureka! 

So, I spent the next two years learning how to build a strong professional network that provided me with a pipeline of job opportunities that provide both a safety net and a launching pad for my career.

I know your struggle and did the work to set myself and my family up for success. 

Now, let me help you as I have helped others.

Let's keep in touch. From time to time I send out free email tips and strategies that can help you in your journey and provide  you with inspiration to help keep you motivated.