Ray Abram: How To Connect Like A Boss

“ Learn how to hack privilege by leveraging your relationships and create the career of your dreams ”

  • How To Set Goals Like A Boss
  • Learn How To Be More Likeable
  • Work A Room Like A Boss

In this book you will discover:

Learn The Secret To Goal Setting

Before you can get to where you think you want to be, you must first have a clear vision of what you want.  What are your career goals?  We’ll create the map BEFORE we start our journey. 

Identify Who You Need

In order to have a successful career, you need to have the right people in your circle.  Do you know who these people are?  Learn how to identify and connect with the ideal person to help you in your career.

Learn How To Be More Likeable

People tend to hire people that they like. If you're not receiving the results you think you should, maybe you are subconciously sending out signals that keep people from liking you.  Learn how to correct that.

Work A Room Like A Boss

Learn the techniques you need to command the room.  How to meet who you want to meet and what to say when you meet them.  Networking is much more then just exchanging business cards.

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