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I can show you or your team how to grow their business and sales numbers in one day. 

If you are tired of spending time and money trying to grow your business, but finding little success.  I can show you a new and proven way to exponentially increase your sales volume.  The secret is simple.  Become better at networking.  

While everyone knows how to network, very few people know how to do it efficiently and effectively in order to maximize profits.

In my seminars and keynote addresses, I show you how to realize significant business growth without spending more on advertising or social media posting.

I will come and speak to your team or large group in person or virtually.  Click this link for my one sheet. 

What Others Saying


Ray Abram is the introverts dream coach to building a sustainable network that increases your net worth. 

During the discovery call with Ray I knew his program was the missing link to growing my current professional counseling and life coaching practice. I signed up immediately. 

Ray Abram knows how to get you in front of the people that count to expand your brand and increase your influence. 

His approach to effective networking and building profitable relationships helped me to create an immediate return on my investment. Before going it alone learn a system that works. He does not disappoint!  

Marchell Coleman



"Being in the real estate industry I was always told that having a real estate coach would be the best route for me to take.  I happened to "stumble" across Ray during a zoom conference meeting .  Based on not only Ray's message for that evening , but his delivery and presentation triggered something within me to reach out to him and ask for his coaching.  Everything he mentioned to me started coming into fruition! Ray is the true definition of a "COACH" - one who provides guidance and training in order to help support someone reach or achieve a specific personal or professional goal. And Ray did just that and more. In only a months period of time, by listening to Ray's advice and coaching, my business activity increased tremendously from accepted offer(S) for my buyers, to new listings i was now having to scramble and make sure to get myself organized, because as Ray told me from the beginning, "get ready because things are going to pick up in a hurry" and man was he right! I would recommend Ray and his coaching Thank you Ray!"

Reginald Dorsey


Five stars for this debut from super networker Ray Abrams ! This book is all about how to network to get the job you want, touching on how to work a room, how to figure out people around you and yourself, and how to understand your larger goals. It’s peppered with activities that you or your team can do to get your mind right for networking. It’s written so clearly and is a nice, enjoyable read that you can soak up in an afternoon. Strong recommend! 

Marisa Franco

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