January 1, 2020

The Four Friends You Need In 2020

Everyone should have these four types of friends. Each type offers something different that you need to live a complete life.

Counsel – This friend is wise and offers advice in many different situations.  Whenever you are about to make moves in life, this is the person you call.

Comfort – This friend always make you feel better.  This is the person who will always pick up the phone and say something encouraging or affirming.

Capital – This friend is who you can depend on when you need access to money. They are either personally wealthy, or work in an area where they can make money easier to get.  

Connections – This is the friend who seems to know everyone, whether you need something done at City Hall, or great seats at the football game.  This is the person to know.

When you go through your phone, you should have each one of these categories represented. If not, which one is missing? 


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