How To Gain A Positively Unfair Advantage In Business And In Life

Learn How To Hack Privilege By Building A Powerful Network That Will Lead To Jobs and Promotions

Do you feel stuck in your current job or unable to land a job with an upwardly mobile career path. Would you like to speed up the process needed to find your dream job or get promoted at your current one? Let me show you how to hack the system of privilege by building the kind of network you need to get the perfect job in record time.

Does This Sound Familiar...

You’ve got a dream to make it into the C-Suite of a company. Maybe you want to be seen as leadership material, or as a get it done type of executive.

You’re tired of seeing your colleagues get promoted when you KNOW you’re smarter than they are and you’ve put in the work to get ahead. Maybe you’ve thought about hiring a resume writer, or someone to help you tweak your linkedin profile, but those efforts in the past haven't seemed to work.  

You’ve seen others in your company who have bypassed you brag about their new homes and cars they been able to purchase. Every week they seem to have a "look what cool stuff I did over the weekend story". It makes you want to bang your head against a wall because it all feels so out of reach!

Maybe your dream is to get on the "fast-track" to executive promotion by getting on the right project and noticed by the right people. Maybe you want to get invited to the luncheons and events that the people in the upwardly mobile "clique" get invited to. Or maybe your dream is just to get the type of job that lets you pay your bills each month and have a nice chunk left over (instead of working a second job just to make ends meet).

Whatever you are trying to achieve, it’s a sure bet you’d like to do it quickly and on "auto-pilot" so you can enjoy your life and family... instead of working all the time!

In the past, you may have experienced failure trying to get promoted and now what really petrifies you is potentially wasting a ton of time and money (like you may have done before).

I want you to understand one thing right now!

None Of This Is Your Fault

You just don't know how to build a powerful network in today’s fast-paced world... yet! It’s not that you're not smart enough or lack the ability or will power to “make it happen.”

The actual issue is you've just not learned what the "great networkers" know, but won't (or can't) teach you.

But, the great news for you is I'm going to show you how to build the soft skills you need to really build great career connections (even if you are so introverted that the thought of "networking" petrifies you)! 

Bottom line: Networking is a LOT easier than you think once you know the techniques!

Oh and one more thing…

I’m not going to tell you one of those “how I made a million dollars” stories. 

I am going to tell you a quick story about how I made a decision that completely changed my life.

I was stuck on a job roller-coaster.  A seemingly never ending cycle of lay-offs between bad jobs that left me feeling miserable for most of my working career. No matter what i tried, I couldn't seem to break out of the rut I was in.  Until, I decided that I needed to grow my circle.  I read a statistic on LinkedIn that said over 85% of people who have satisfactory jobs where recommended by someone they knew.  I then realized that no one I knew well, could recommend me for the type of job I really wanted. I realized that I had to build my networking.

Being an introvert myself, I thought that I could never be good at networking.  It seemed like such a waste of time.  What I didn't realize was that I was just doing it wrong.  So, I spent the next four years, researching and practicing the methods used by great networkers to build their circle of influence. Once I learned the skills and techniques needed to connect with people, networking seemed a lot less like work and more like fun.

The Book:

In my book, Connect Like A Boss, I detail the secrets. you can use to build your network from scratch and watch how your life changes for the better.  When you grab your copy, you'll learn:

  • How to define and align your goals with the people in your life
  • How to determine how many people you can and should have in your life
  • How to eliminate the negative self talk that stops you from progressing
  • How to work a room effectively, even if networking is not your thing
  • How to get people to like you quickly
  • And much, much more...

Connect Like A Boss - Book

Ray Abram Headshot

Ray Will Show You How To:

  • Generate more connections, prospects, and job opportunities
  • Create a clear and compelling 30 second, attention-grabbing introduction
  • Know the absolute essential tools that will enhance your networking experience
  • Develop a process to capture contacts and build relationships with your contacts
  • Save time and money on your networking efforts
  • Convert connections to referrers, and have 100 people referring you for work
  • Develop your “know, like, and trust factor”, to build relationships more quickly
  • Gain new friends and supportive relationships
  • Become a savvy, strategic and successful networker

What Others Saying About It


Ray Abram's book, Connect Like a Boss, is short, and easy to read, but it's engaging because you work through exercises in each chapter to help you become comfortable with yourself, clear on your goals, and put together a plan to network and make the connections you need to succeed. I really appreciate that the book pushes you, but in ways that are authentic and aligned with who you are.

Shaun Chavis 



Ray lays out simple strategies to help even the most introverted people expand their networks. A great read for people who want to take control of their career trajectories and improve the soft social and business skills they don’t teach you in school.

Schuyler Corbin


Five stars for this debut from super networker Ray Abrams ! This book is all about how to network to get the job you want, touching on how to work a room, how to figure out people around you and yourself, and how to understand your larger goals. It’s peppered with activities that you or your team can do to get your mind right for networking. It’s written so clearly and is a nice, enjoyable read that you can soak up in an afternoon. Strong recommend! 

Marisa Franco

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