How To Triple Your Business Revenue Without Spending Any Money On Advertising!

Learn how to turn your contacts and connections into profitable customers, even if you believe you are too introverted !

Course Enrollments close on September 25th 2020


You Need More Customers Now, But Social Media Isn't Doing The Trick.

You've posted, boosted and hashtagged until your fingers hurt, but you're still not generating actual customers. You've tried your hand at online advertising, but that is too confusing and expensive for mere mortals despite what the gurus would leave you to believe. 

Does this sound familiar?  

You've started a new business or recently got licensed to sell something.  The first thing you do is to post to social media and wait for your "friends" to light up your phone with orders.

Despite tons of "likes", the number of actual sales is abysmal. Where are all of the people that you thought would support you.  Did you find out that your "Ride or Die" was not even willing to "Ride and Buy"?

You've put sooo much effort into launching your business, spending countless hours in front of your laptop

Now you're starting to doubt if you have what it takes to succeed on your own. 

All of the gurus say it should be easy.  Just follow their advice they say and you will soon be rolling in 7 or even 8 figure income.

But. It. Just. Didn't. Happen.

The thing is:

You can’t learn how to grow your business substantially from an 8-point blog post. Or a 10 minute youtube video. Or another time-sucking webinar that disappears in 48 hours and doesn’t teach you a damn thing.

That’s because:

You're not leveraging Social Capital to gain customers.


Social Capital Strategies

The proven and repeatable system for growing your business exponentially

This training leads you by the hand, section by section, to explain and then demonstrate every single aspect of building a powerful network of customers and clients.

This course has everything you could possibly need to know about building your customer base through networking. 

It’s comprehensive, detailed and effective — everything those other resources aren’t. Very little is left to the imagination. Thank goodness.

And better:

It speeds everything up, so you can go from a few customers to hundreds in a matter of weeks.

The best part is:

You can trust everything you learn because it’s worked in the real world with proven and repeatable results.

Special offer! Enroll now and get an extra bonus!

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

The A-Z program for solopreneurs and small business owners, from creating a winning personality to surrounding yourself with amazing customers who send you referrals time and time again.

Social Capital

Every single training in this course is based on the concept of building Social Capital. You'll learn how to grow your business by building valuable relationships.

Step-By -Step Roadmap

You will get everything you need to build a powerful network from the ground up. Who you need, how to meet them and how to build strong connections.

Inside Secrets

Discover and expertly wield the networking building blocks every successful entrepreneur needs - from confidence to authenticity.

Networking System

Go from scattered to structured with a networking action plan that helps you keep in touch like a pro and saves you time and energy

Here’s what people are saying about the course

The beauty of this course is that it really helps people.  Real people who struggled with networking before enrolling. 

Marie Fisher


My business was suffering

I had been in business for about 3 years and had trouble getting customers and referrals. Learning about social capital helped my understand what I had been doing wrong

Carl Numan

Real Estate

Doubled my leads

I had resorted to buying leads from a service to help sell houses, but found mostof them were duds. After using the techniques I learned in this course the number of leads I was getting from my contact list doubled and the best part was that I didn't have to pay one dime.

Gary Howard


Change my life and my business

My business depends on referrals and the truth is, I just wasn't getting many.  Once I learned the concept of building social capital, my business exploded!  I suddenly had so many clients, I could barely keep up.

Social Capital Strategies

Here's what you can expect


Module 1: The Basics

This module will teach you the basics you need to know in order to begin building a powerful network.  You'll learn the terminology that we will be using and the science behind social and relational capital.


Module 2: Tribe Building

In this module you will learn how to define and grow your tribe.  How many people you need and what types of categories you need filled in order to have a well ballanced network


Module 3: Meeting and Greeting

You will learn how to meet people. Where are the place you need to be, how to be more confident, how to tell a compelling story, how to listen effectively, how to remember names and the proper way to shake hands.


Module 4: Being Systematic

Learn how to implement a system around relationship building. How to create a "relationship funnel".  Who to call and how often.  What questions to ask in order to move the relationship forward.  How to meet your dream contacts and much, much more...


Looking for bonuses, here's what you'll get!

Bonus 1
1:1 Time

You will have access to our private facebook group where you can interact directly with me in a private chat and I can answer all of your agonizing questions. 

Bonus 2
Roadmap PDF

I have created a downloadable PDF to will walk you through the step by step process you can use to build the network you need to grow your business.

Bonus 3
Private Coaching Call

All course attendees will receive a free one hour coaching call with me. (A $500 value)

About The Course Teacher,
Ray Abram

 For decades, Ray started business after business never finding the level of success he sought. Until one day he read an article on LinkedIn that said over 80% of opportunities come through people that we know. Eureka! Ray then began amassing a wealth of knowledge on how to build what he calls a “Circle of Success”.


He has since used that knowledge to not only change his life, but put countless others on the path 

“Ray is the introverts dream coach to building a sustainable network that increases your net worth. - Marchell Coleman, Life Coach”

~ Marchell Coleman, Life Coach

“Ray has helped my business grow and thrive by helping me break out of my shell and showing me how to build new business connections that I hadn’t thought of earlier”

~ Siha Collins, Yellow Mat Yoga

In A Few Short Months

  •  You will have accomplished more than you ever thought possible and feel a sense of satisfaction as you actually make progress towards your vision of what you want your business to do for you
  • You don't flinch, get panicky or try thinking up an excuse at the thought of attending another networking event.
  • Your friends and family will notice a big difference in the way you approach life.
  • You build great relationships with dozens of new friends who buy your products and services and also send their friends.
  • You can say 'good bye' to your tiny list of contacts and connection and grow a list of real people that you have a real, enjoyable relationship with.
Social Captial Strategies course

Learn how to build your business by building a powerful network of clients and customers



  • Lifetime Access
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  • 30 minute private coaching call

Course Enrollments close on September 25th 2020


100% Satisfaction Guarantee for 30-Days

If you're familiar with my work and have interacted with me before, you know that I always attempt to over deliver with my content and service to subscribers. I assure you the same with this course.

As you work through the material, don't hesitate to reach out to me if you need extra help.

I also understand that there are a several products out there that may have left you with a less than thrilled experience.

While I can guarantee you won't have such an experience with this course, here are details on the refund policy just so that we're on the same page.

By purchasing the Social Capital Strategies Course, you agree to the following policy:

If you use the worksheets, go through the material and are still not satisfied after 30 days, I'll refund your full payment as long as you fulfill the refund qualifications:

To qualify for a refund, you will need to:

1. Provide a reason why you are dissatisfied with the course; and

2. If you feel that the course does not deliver on it's promise, let me know specifically what you feel it does not deliver on.

Obviously, I can't grant a refund just because you changed your mind. Please make sure that you do, indeed want a copy of the course before purchasing.

I reserve the right to deny any refund requests and ask that you do not purchase the course with the intention to ask for a refund. 

Social Capital Strategies Course

Tons Of Value, Low Price



  • Lifetime Access
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  • Access to All Modules
  • Access to Private Facebook Group
  • 30 minute private coaching call
regular course

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Advanced course

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  • Lifetime Access
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Note from your instructor

Thanks for visiting this page and making it all the way to the end.  I'm really proud of this course and I know it helps people.  I hope you make the right decision to learn how to grow your business by powering up your network.  Take care and talk with you soon.


Ray Abram

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