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Connect Like A Boss - Book

Are you a career corporate employee who is trying to find your way up the promotion ladder, or possibly trying to break free from the rat race altogether?Stuck In The Same Job For Years. Victim Of Multiple Layoffs. Unemployed or Under Employed.Do you wish you understood the mechanisms people use to get and keep executive jobs even when they are obviously unqualified for the role.  Do you desperately desire to build the kind of network you need to move up the ladder in your career?  If you think networking does nothing for you and that it’s a waste of time…If you’ve been struggling to connect with the types of people you need in your life then you need to learn the “Connect Like A Boss” Framework. Learn More

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One on One Coaching

If you would like to have Ray talk with you one on one to help guide you through the principles of his networking framework, book a discovery call to find out specifics of how he can help you. 

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The proven and repeatable system for growing your business exponentially

This training leads you by the hand, section by section, to explain and then demonstrate every single aspect of building a powerful network of customers and clients. Learn More