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I’m a networking expert and author of the book Connect Like A Boss

I simplify career oriented networking so that you can  find a job you will love by developing your networking skills.

My goal is to rid you of networking phobia one day at a time and help you create a network of contacts who will take your calls and ask you when you can start!

Yes, I can help you develop the confidence you need to find the perfect job through your networking ability.

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  • Build confidence in meeting people and learn where to go to meet the people you need to meet.
  • Develop a  memorable presence so people will remember you when opportunities become available
  • Develop your "likeability" so that hiring managers will be more likely to give you a shot
  • Learn what signals you are giving off with your body language that may be blocking your progress...and much, much, more.

“If everything you want in life comes through your personal network.  Doesn't it make sense to upgrade yours.”  - Ray Abram

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