I simplify networking so that you can turn contacts into opportunities.

(Even if networking scares you senseless)

I’m a networking expert and author of the book Connect Like A Boss
.   My goal is to help you build a powerful network of connections who will take your calls and ask you how they can help!! 

Yes, I can help you develop the confidence you need to find the right connections through your networking ability.


Job Search Networking

Better Job

If you've been struggling to find the type of job that offers security and satisfaction, I can help.  Let's start with who you know and who knows you.

Small Business Networking

More Customers

Learn the secrets of getting repeat customers and referrals. Save money on advertising and promotion by building a solid network.

Networking with friends

Better Opportunities

Wonder why the privileged few seem to get all of the opportunities.  Learn how to hack privilege and change your life.

Learn How To...

  • Move away from the cold calling black hole and create a funnel of opportunities tailor made for you
  • Build confidence in meeting people and learn where to go to meet the people you need in your network
  • Develop a  memorable presence so people will remember you when opportunities become available
  • Develop your "likeability" so that decision makers will be more likely to give you a shot
  • Learn what signals you are giving off with your body language that may be blocking your progress...and much, much, more

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